Girl Scouts - Collage Workshop Seniors

Date: Wednesday, June 19, 2013 - also June 20 and June 21
Time: 1:00 PM
Course Length: 2 hours every day
Experience Required: none
Class Size: up to 10
Price: $60

Collage is an exciting form of art that is a great way to express your creativity with no rules or critiquing allowed. Mixed Media involves all tapes of meterials and workshop participants will learn about the unlimited possibilities of this genre. At the end of the three day course, all requirements for the Collage Badge will be completed.

Day One : Collage and I

Students will learn what collage is and the many forms it can take. We will examine different art movements that incorporated collage and the different effects it can have on a piece of artwork. We will spend time gathering materials and creating compositions that are aestetically appealing, based on subject, pattern and color. We will then spend time creating a collage that speaks about the creator.

Home Activities: Gather photographs (of friends, family, pets, vacations) that you are willing to cut up and bring them to class tomorrow!

Day Two: Unexpected Layers

We will create a journal using photographs and other found materials (cloth, decorative papers, stickers, stamps, drawings...). We will discuss different techniques for art journaling and ways of incorporating collage into everyday entries that are fun and easy. 

Home Activities: Finish your first art journal entry!

Day Three: Collage and Sculpture

Students will have the experience of collaging a three dimensional object and learn techniques for sculptural collaging. Students will learn to look at ordinary materials in extraordinary ways and how to use them innovatively. Student will be encouraged to send a message or tell a story in their collage. 

Home Acivity: Keep Journaling!



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Artist Bio - Anna Hansen

Anna Hansen, originally from northern Utah, works as an art educator in the Fullerton school district. She received a BFA in Printmaking and a Certificate in Book Arts in 2012. She has shown her work in galleries in Salt Lake City, as well as in portfolios in Chicago, Philadelphia, and New Orleans. Anna is now joining the company of the artists at the Magoski Art colony and aspires to inspire artists old and new.

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