Girl Scouts - Staying Fit Juniors

Date: Friday, May 10, 2013
Time: 1:00 PM
Course Length: 4 hours in total
Experience Required: none
Class Size: up to 10
Price: $50

Recognizing the Health in You.

We will discuss the importance of exercise and a healthy diet, the impact it has on your mood, energy levels, and long term benefits. We will discuss ways of being aware of the things you put into your body by examining food labels and dietary diagrams.
Each participant will be given a journal that they will have a chance to decorate. The first exercise in the journal will be to record things about themselves that they are proud of & that they love. Then, begin making a list of things that they can do with their families that will encourage healthy habits for a healthy future.

How to Build a Healthy Lifestyle

Workout tips! (Participants will need some comfortable and flexible clothes.) We will learn about and practice different exercises that can be executed at home. We will also be discussing different ways of making your every day life more active and healthy and how to set attainable goals with your family to create healthy habits. We will finish the day with some simple Yoga exercises and stretches and meditation tips that decrease stress levels.

Keeping it Real

We will be brainstorming and discussing different healthy tips on how to identify falsely advertised “healthy” snacks and foods that should be avoided and how to recognize advertising ploys to get you to buy unhealthy foods. Start recognizing your own pitfalls in your diet and find healthy substitutes for things that you normally eat. (Lemon & cucumber water instead of soda. A piece of fruit instead of candy or sugary cereal bars.) Discuss ideas for more goal setting and healthy habits you can engage in with your family. (<1 mile challenge, hiking on the weekends, family meal time together...)
Students will be given resources for healthy living practices.



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