Girl Scouts - Entrepreneur Cadettes

Date: Friday, April 19, 2013
Time: 09:00 AM
Course Length: Total of 4 hours
Experience Required: none
Class Size: up to 10
Price: $50


What is an entrepreneur?

    Risks and Rewards of owning your own business

    Various types of businesses that are open to entrepreneurship

    Organizations that support small businesses/entrepreneurship


    Evaluation of different business models.

Brain Storming Business Ideas  

    The value of brainstorming and how to do it.

    Group brainstorming to get the ideas flowing.

    What business ideas interest you? 


    Funding Sources



What is a Business Plan? 

    The importance of having a business plan



    Develop a business plan of your own

Mock up of advertisement/commercial 

Work in pairs to help each other develop either a print advertisement or short video commercial to advertise their business.  

Present to an Expert – 

Presentation of business plans to others.

Peer Discussion 

Input and advice from fellow workshop participants. 


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Artist Bio - Carol van Ahlers


Carol does well to draw a recognizable stick figure, but refuses to let that stop her from trying out new ways to stretch her artistic creativity, often to the humorous enjoyment of others. She is a recent empty nester and can’t wait to fill her days with meeting new people who share her appreciation for art and the joy brought on by its beauty.

Carol's background is in public relations and marketing.  For several years she was co-owner of AhlerSmith Public Relations, a firm specializing in sports marketing and government public relations.  She has worked for several years as a freelance writer and public relations consultant prior to forming artside studio with her friend Steffi.  She has also worked in the Fullerton School District as a substitute teacher since 2006. 

223 W. Santa Fe Ave.
Fullerton, CA 92832

- (714)606-3620 -

artside studio is located in the historic Magoski Arts Colony in downtown Fullerton, California

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